Ads On Trucks


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Ads on Trucks

Viga Design helps their customers bring their brands to life, even on the side of a semi-truck. Their creative truck wraps allow companies to create a cheeky, unique experience for consumers while transporting their product across the state or country. From design to installation, Viga Design is confident they can make your truck a moving advertisement.

Making Every Truck Unique

Whether you’re a business that desires a branded truck wrap to transport product or a truck owner looking for a unique way to make some extra money with your vehicle, Viga Design can help you. They allow their consumers to have full control over the outcome of the product, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

A Creative Website to Match their Mission

The truck wraps made by Viga Design are larger than life, so we needed to create a website that reflects their explosive appearance. Using a clean slate, small colorful accents, and allowing the truck wraps to do the talking, we created a simplistic, yet attention-grabbing website for all users.

What We Delivered

A colorful and playful website that radiates creativity.

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