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Top Dentists in San Diego

Bajars&Bajars provides regular dental care that’s part of your everyday life. Located in the heart of San Diego, their specialists are dedicated to providing patients with high-quality dental care, no matter their age or health requirements.

The Bajars Dental Difference

Drs. Sandris and Tania Bajars are not only experts in general dentistry, but also in endodontics and orthodontics. With more than 35 years of combined experience, patients can trust Bajars&Bajars DDS to be their one-stop shop for all of their dental needs.

A New Website

Drs. Bajars and Bajars wanted to create a website that not only houses all of their services, but describes them for patients step-by-step. We created an educational platform that has a clean design and utilizes their signature color palette for a fully branded experience.

What We Delivered

A sleek, educational platform that portrays Bajars&Bajars’s core mission.

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