Providing Excellent Care To Adults, Senior Citizens And Children Of All Ages

Northwest Surgical Specialists is a multi medical practice and a surgical care center, that offers a variety of services. From help with foot and ankle ailments (no matter how severe they may be) to interventional pain management with x-ray imaging – Northwest Surgical Specialists offers it all.


Northwest Surgical Specialists



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  • Branding

A New Look – The logo redesign was an obvious first step

Northwest Surgical Specialists established itself as THE center for podiatry services, but it had no recognizable identity. It was often disregarded by potential patients, despite having some of the most decorated medical professionals in the area.

The Website

The original site for the center carried very little useful information. There was no list of services and the contact information wasn’t easily available. We had to produce a brand new structure and design the new site around it.

What We Delivered

A fresh new look that marked a fresh start for an amazing medical center.