Learn A Language. Open Your World.

Berlitz is an educational resource that assists adults and children alike in learning a new language. Using the same techniques that have proven successful for more than 140 years, Berlitz is confident they can help you become confidence in speaking a new language with classes that are flexible, effective, and affordable. Berlitz is founded on their proven, immersive technique that can be easily tailored to each individual student’s needs.

Not only does the Berlitz method allow you to learn your preferred language faster than any other leading language learning programs, but it also gives you a full understanding of the country’s culture for a thorough, all-embracing experience.




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The Challenge

Berlitz wanted to create an interactive website that houses all of the services they offer, from one-on-one online sessions for adults to larger, interactive group sessions for children. We created an immersive experience on their website, allowing users to choose the course that’s perfect for them in a few simple clicks.

What We Delivered

An interactive, streamlined website that allows customers to experience the Berlitz Method.