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Accelerated Biomedical Research

Danio Lab is a cutting-edge scientific research group that develops solutions for zebrafish farming and husbandry. Their expert team members help accelerate biomedical research by providing researchers with the high-quality tools and equipment they need. Because zebrafish share 70 percent of their DNA with humans, Danio Lab plays a crucial role in creating innovative medical solutions for the future.

Using Zebrafish to Further Study Human Genetics and Disease

Danio Lab is proud to provide simple and easy-to-use technology to care for zebrafish while conducting scientific research. Their specialized research diet zebrafish food, comprehensive feeder systems, and streamlined housing for the fish reflect their mission to further advance biomedical science with ease.

One Page Wonder

Danio Lab is a unique company that embraces simplicity while providing innovative solutions. We wanted to reflect that with a single-page website that houses all of their information in a clean and easy-to-read format. Using watercolor zebrafish to add texture and plenty of buttons for further information or to purchase product, this website is sophisticated while staying to-the-point.

What We Delivered

An innovative webpage that’s as simple and effective as their products.

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