Find & Treat The Cause, Not The Symptoms

Dr. Geoffrey Radoff has more than 45 years of experience practicing both traditional and homeopathic medicine. Alternative Medical Care of Arizona believes that each patient should be able to achieve their optimal state of health, no matter their condition or symptoms. Their alternative medicine treatments not only ward off symptoms, but provide patients with the quality of life they deserve.


Dr. Radoff


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The Challenge

Dr. Geoffrey Radoff is proud to offer a range of alternative and holistic treatments to help patients lead lives that are full of hope and healing. Our goal was to reflect how easy patients can find treatment for their symptoms and conditions with a user-friendly layout and clean design. Patients simply click on their condition or symptoms, and are brought to a variety of information about their condition and potential treatment options.

What We Delivered

A highly interactive website that allows patients to seek treatment based on their individual symptoms.