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There For You Every Step of the Way

Douglas L. LeFevre, CPA, PC, and his expert team of certified public accountants are always available to discuss your accounting and tax needs. Established in 1997, this boutique firm prides itself on providing its clients with personal and professional service. Staying up-to-date on the latest trends, LeFevre & Company is proud to help you with anything from tax preparation to business strategy.

Building Lasting Relationships with High-Quality Service

LeFevre & Company is not your average CPA firm. Providing a luxurious boutique feel to its clients and building long-lasting relationships through high-quality service, LeFevre & Company is proud to offer fiscal services to clients with flair.

Reflecting Their Brand

LeFevre & Company is all about providing its clients with cutting-edge services that exceed the results you typically expect from your average Joe’s CPA firm. We leveraged this ingenuity by expressing their up-to-date techniques through dynamic imagery and bold pops of color.

What We Delivered

A boutique website for a boutique CPA firm.

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