Executive Education Live Online

Human-centered artificial intelligence is the future of innovation and technology. The scholars at Stanford believe that studying and truly understanding the workings of artificial intelligence can give any up-and-coming company a competitive edge for long-term success.




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Reflecting Their Mission

This three-part online executive course not only outlines the workings of artificial intelligence in the workplace, but also teaches students to drive innovation, learn about different business models, gain a larger understanding of environmental considerations, and improve their ability to manage data.

Stanford wanted to have a clear and concise website that contains all the necessary information about their program in a clean, yet attention-grabbing format. We laid it all out in a simplistic single-page format with clear sections for each key point. On each separate section of the webpage, we also have calls-to-action for users to apply to the program at the click of a button.

What We Delivered

A clean, easy-to-read webpage filled with information about a cutting-edge educational opportunity.