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Executive Summary

Small New York based immigration law company is struggling to stay profitable. Year after year the stream of new clients is slowly drying out and old lead acquisition methods are no longer effective. H-1B visa season starts in 5 months and historically it was the period that sustained the company throughout the rest of the year. It’s projected that the year in question will be their worst.


A. Depleted marketing budgets. The company previously invested in several marketing campaigns that failed to produce meaningful results.

B. Outdated digital marketing infrastructure. The company has a website, but it’s not SEO friendly and hard to use on handhelds.

C. Lack of focus. To increase revenue the company introduced new services. As a result - the most profitable services are harder to find and demand for them decreases.


Increase the number of incoming inquiries for high ticket services within the 5-month period. Do it on a tight budget.


H-1B Leads

A new site is released within a month. The site is optimized for conversions, with main focus on H-1B leads, which are the most profitable for the company. Visitors start inquiring more about the high ticket items.


SEO campaign is launched. The site starts slowly ranking higher for relevant search queries and the number of visitor rises.


PPC campaign is launched. More visitors find the client while looking for services the client promotes.


As more visitors flock to the site - a live chat is enabled. Our live chat operators are trained to answer immediate questions and encourage visitors to establish contact with the client. Conversion rates are skyrocketing.



The client ranks on the first page of Google for several relevant keywords, outranking competitors.


Client’s ads perform better than competitor’s - the client gets more relevant traffic for less.


Within 4 months the client sees a shocking 590.28% increase in inquiries.


80% of all the inquiries come for H1-B visa services, that carries the highest profit margin for the client.


The client spends 1/3rd of their regular marketing budget.


80% of all the inquiries come for H1-B visa services, that carries the highest profit margin for the client.

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