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Marketing your way through the COVID-19 outbreak

Our mission at Anzolo Consulting has always been to systematically improve your business and help with whatever challenges might be knocking at your door.

As the COVID-19 panic started to spread, we’ve asked ourselves two essential questions: how can we protect our clients, and what opportunities does this turbulent time brings to all of us?

While we strongly believe that current complication is very temporary in nature, we should keep in mind that it’s a two-parter – the “now” and the “right after”.

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune.

Napoleon Hill

Let’s start with “now”

We’re gathering and analyzing data as it comes in. At the moment, the following patterns emerge:

People are spending more time at home

People are spending more time at home - they're working in the comfort of their living rooms, avoid going out and skip on traveling. As a result - they save money and they're bored. They turn to social media for entertainment and socializing.

No significant changes in traffic

We're not seeing significant changes in traffic or conversion rates across the sites we're supporting. At least nothing that can't be attributed to ongoing promotions (or lack of thereof). Conclusively, people are still researching and are still committing. At the same time, the costs of clicks on Google Ads are going down as advertisers pause their ads until things settle down.

Demand for "immunity-boosting" procedures

Aside from hoarding hand sanitizers and face masks, some private medical facilities in Europe are reporting an increased demand for "immunity-boosting" procedures.

Opportunities to explore

Given the above, we suggest the following actions:

Provide virtual consultations

There has never a better time to start offering (or emphasize the availability) of contactless consultations to the clients. We believe people will be attracted by the possibility of getting professional advice in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Push low-commitment products and services

As people get more exposed to social media, they also get more self-aware about their appearances and life choices. We believe this is the time to approach them with entry-level offers that are easy to commit to.

Double down on SEO and PPC advertising

As competitors pull the plugs on their digital marketing efforts - it's the best time to secure yourself better positions and quality scores in the most cost-effective way possible. This will allow you to significantly cut your advertizing costs later on.

Promote relevant solutions

Please refrain from using COVID-19 in promotions. You want to stay as far away from the negative associations it brings. At the same time, see if you can address issues or concerns your customers might face during the outbreak. People will focus on being healthier and safer. Use it.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Rahm Emanuel

What happens next

While it’s impossible to know how things will play out, here are our best predictions of what can be expected:


It is a common belief that the number of conceptions increases during natural disasters or crises that keep people confined within their homes for unexpectedly long periods. Nine months after such events - a "baby boom" is often expected.


Remote employment and education culture will become widely accepted and popular, which will significantly affect the way we communicate and socialize. Referrals might go down, as people will instead go online for research.


An economic recession is highly likely, which might serve as a catalyst, encouraging more people to seek out and undergo cosmetic surgery procedures. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then employment is the reward for attracting the right employer, and plastic surgery is an effective tool to gain a competitive advantage in a stumbling job market.

During the 2008 recession, the overall demand for minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures increased by 5 percent. We estimate that if a recession hits - anything that will help people appear younger and more successful will go up in demand.


Remote employment and education culture will become widely accepted and popular, which will significantly affect the way we communicate and socialize. Referrals might go down, as people will instead go online for research.

There is a lot we can do together to align your business with these predictions. Just hit us a line and we’ll take it from there!

In conclusion

We Must Remember That This Is A Temporary Situation And We Will Overcome It Together. The Best Course Of Action Right Now Is To Keep The Focus On Delivering Results To Your Clients And “Sharpen The Saw”.

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